How To Make Self-Employment Work For You

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Back when I was on maternity leave I was the manager of a soft play area and bowling alley but I knew that I didn’t want to go back to that job. When my maternity leave ended I knew that I didn’t want to go back to that job, especially as it was full time, and I was lucky that I found something part time only working evenings at a supermarket across the road. However, that didn’t even last a year as I quickly realised that I was too used to being the one in charge to work for someone else. So, I took a pretty big leap and became self-employed. Of course, this wasn’t a spur of the moment decision though as I’d been earning online for quite some time before this.

Being self-employed isn’t for everyone though and it can sometimes be very hard and very lonely. I love what I do but there are things I wish I’d known beforehand and things that definitely make self-employment that bit easier.

A personal working area

Back when I first decided to be self-employed full time I had to work downstairs at home, surrounded by our living spaces and Erin’s toys. It wasn’t a very calm place to work and I would often find myself distracted or being asked to do other things. Right now I have an office upstairs and that works for me as I can shut myself away and get on with my work in peace.

If this kind of thing wouldn’t be possible for you then you might need to look at working out of the house. Office space can be very expensive in sought after areas so maybe look at more rural areas. This could help you bridge the gap between working from home and being self-employed.

Manage your finances well

One of the reasons why people decide to be self-employed is because it could offer the opportunity to earn more money. This definitely isn’t always the case for me but I like the variety of what I do, and the freedom it gives me, and that helps to make it worthwhile.

Something that is very important to get right straight away is the management of your business finances. It’s easy when you’re self-employed to blur the line between personal and business finances. To make sure this doesn’t happen you should get a business account that lets you take payments for your products or services such as Not only will it make things easier for you but you will also look more professional to your clients.

Online presence

Nowadays it’s so important to get your business out there and especially online. One of the first things you should do is to set your your website, making it as user friendly as possible and create matching social media accounts. People love to follow their favourite businesses wherever they can and it makes you more accessible to a larger audience.

Being a new business can be hard, especially when it comes to Google rankings and people being able to find you online. It would be a great idea to hire someone to work on your seo link building services, which will help you a great deal! They could help you with things like creating posts and hosting posts on other websites.

Stick to a routine

Self-employment isn’t a guaranteed success and it is really hard work a lot of the time. Instead of being paid a regular wage you are responsible for everything you earn. I personally find sticking to a routine one of the best ways to make the most of my time, without getting easily distracted by other things. Even when you might not have much going on in terms of work there are things to do behind the scenes like updating social media, creating new content for your website or even following leads of collaborations that might be possible.

Do you have any tips for being self-employed?

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