Painting With Dinosaurs Tuff Tray

AD | Post contains affiliate links (marked with *) Being stuck at home for the majority of the week has meant that I have had to entertain Erin a lot more than I normally would. We have gone from her being at nursery for 4 days a week so being home all the time and we definitely don’t have enough new toys stashed away to keep her excited about what we’re doing during the day. Seeing as we’ve been out in the garden a lot I thought it was about time that we made the

Tuff Tray Play: Playdoh

It’s been a couple of months now since we’ve had our Tuff Tray. I hate to say it but we haven’t used it nearly enough. However, not long ago we did try to introduce Erin to Playdoh and this is how it went! Seeing as Erin had never seen or played with Playdoh before we didn’t go for anything too complicated. In fact, I did the most simple thing I could think of. I gave Erin a tub of Playdoh and let her figure it out. Erin was very unsure about the Playdoh to start

Messy Me Messy Mat

Now that Erin is over a year old he has started to change how she plays and how she eats. There have been many days where Jackson has got a decent meal because Erin has flung her food on the wooden floor in the dining room. Mealtimes can definitely be really messy now and I need an easier way of cleaning up. Messy Me offer a whole range of products which are designed for your children to get messy! We were lucky enough to try out their Messy Mat. The mat is available is various

Tuff Tray Spaghetti Play

Erin’s fabulous Auntie got her a Tuff Tray for her 1st birthday. I had wanted one for Erin for such a long time. I don’t want Erin to grow up being one of those children that never get messy. I want her to play in muddles, jump in mud and get food in her hair. The nursery she’ll be going to in January really promotes messy play as well so I wanted to get Erin used to it ASAP. It took us a good month or so to use the Tuff Tray for the first