Spending the summer in the garden with Gazillion

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Over the last year we have realised just how lucky we are to have such a wonderful outdoor space to enjoy. I was someone who grew up without much of a back garden to play in. This made me determined to make sure that Erin had somewhere safe and spacious to play in during her childhood.

This summer we hope to be out in the garden more than ever but we often need to make our garden play a bit more exciting. While we have plenty of outdoor toys, children can sometimes need something new and different to keep the fun alive. With the help of Funrise Toys and Gazillion, we have a lot of great days ahead of us.

Whirlwind Party

Although restrictions are easing we will still be making the most of our garden at home and using it as a way to see family and friends in a safe environment. I don’t know about you but I think that bubbles make any day happier and more cheerful. The Whirlwind Party machine is absolutely perfect for playdates and family gatherings, creating a magical feeling for everyone involved.

Gazillion Bubbles Whirlwind Party

The Whirlwind Party machine is a bit of a beast and it does take 8x AA batteries so this is something to bear in mind when you’re thinking about getting it set up. The box does have this information on the underneath and I’m glad we looked for this ahead of time. It definitely saved us a lot of stress and disappointment. However, you do get a 16oz bottle of bubble solution so you can get the party started quickly once you have the batteries sorted.

Gazillion Bubbles Whirlwind Party

The bottle of solution is designed to be left in the top of the machine and there is a tray that comes with it so any leaks (which will happen) are contained rather than covering whatever area you use. The bottle does empty quite fast so if you want to you can also just add the amount of solution you want and top it up as needed.

Gazillion Bubbles Whirlwind Party

The amount of bubbles that come out of the machine is crazy and it is so much fun to use. The bubbles spilled over from our garden into our neighbours and it was such a lovely thought that someone in another garden might get to experience a little bit of our happiness if they discovered some of the bubbles.

Sky Bubbles

Sadly, Sky Bubbles wasn’t quite as impressive as the Whirlwind but it was still a really fun idea. This one looks a bit like a spaceship and is certainly very interesting looking. The ‘flyer’ is placed inside the tray, which you can hold with the nice, chunky handle. You then add some bubble solution into the tray and pull the cord, making the flyer go off up into the air.

Gazillion Bubbles Sky Bubbles

I want to be honest here and admit that we couldn’t really get this to work the way I think it was supposed to. After a fair bit of trying we did manage to get the flyer to spin off into the air but the bubbles just didn’t happen, no matter what we did. This was a shame as Erin was quite excited about making the bubbles fly but maybe we were just doing something wrong.

Gazillion Bubbles Sky Bubbles

Regardless of the fact that we couldn’t get the Sky Flyer to work properly, we all had loads of fun trying. These toys are designed to bring people together, to encourage fun and this is exactly what both have done for us. We have a long summer ahead of us and we can’t wait to see what we can get up to in the garden, with Gazillion Bubbles to help!

These Gazillion Bubbles toys are available now instore at Tesco!

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Spending the summer in the garden with Gazillion

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