London living: Four things to consider if moving to the capital

London living: Four things to consider if moving to the capital

Moving to any city can be a daunting prospect. But there is something quite exciting about moving to the capital. London is where it all happens. Many businesses have their head offices there. Lots of shops have their flagship stores in the heart of the city. With restaurants and bars galore. There is something for everyone in London. So I thought I would share with you some of the things to consider if you are moving to the capital.

What do you want out of your location?

When it comes to living in London, there are so many possibilities to consider. Your location is one of them. You need to decide what you want from the area you live in. You could live in central London although it can be pricey. Or in some of the suburbs surrounding the city. These areas are often bustling with bars and restaurants. Some areas even have park areas. Perfect if you like the idea of having a piece of tranquility in a busy environment. It all depends on what you want. Do you want to leave your home and walk a few minutes to a wonderful little cafe-bar? Or do you mind being a little further out? Do you need good transport links to the tube? Deciding what you want out of the location is the best place to start. This will enable you to pinpoint the areas worth looking at.

Will you buy or rent?

This is something to decide on sooner rather than later. Buying requires a large deposit for a mortgage whereas a rental requires a smaller outlay. It would depend whether London living is going to be a permanent feature or just a chapter in your life.

What type of accommodation can you afford?

The next thing to look at is the budget you have for a rental or a mortgage payment. This will determine the type of accommodation you could afford. London has plenty of apartments and flats, as well as lovely period houses. But all have their price tag. Apartment living can be a very affordable way to live in the Capital. However, there are always a few things to remember when you live in a communal area. You have to be mindful of sharing accommodation areas as well as waste areas. Of course, the local council will handle emptying communal bin areas. But if this ever gets forgotten there are services out there that can help.

If you find yourself living in shared accommodation, communal areas can be hard to keep clean for a long length of time, especially if not everyone does their fair share. Instead of putting in all of the hard work yourself, consider hiring a company such as Cleaning Services South West London to come and do it all for you!

Can you commute to work easily?

Finally, the next thing to consider is how you get to work. Living in London means you can’t necessarily drive to your job each day. Not without a hefty charge to enter the city. So you need to consider other forms of traffic. Living close to the tube station would be an obvious choice. However, riding to work on a bike and even walking may be a possibility. You could also find some great cafes in London to work from, by taking your laptop with you!

Moving to the capital can be overwhelming and daunting, but I hope some of these tips will help make the process a little easier.


London living: Four things to consider if moving to the capital

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