Space Saving Ideas for the Bedroom

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When you buy a house it’s hard to think about how your personal belongings will fit. When we bought our 4 bedroom Victorian semi nearly 5 years ago I thought that we would always have plenty of space and it would never be an issue. Even before Erin was born 3 years ago our house started to fill up quickly. Then, add in another person and a whole load of baby items and you have a problem. There are plenty of things that you can do though so here are some space saving ideas for the bedroom.

Built in storage

Having an old house means that each room is full of strange areas and we have 4 alcoves, 2 in our bedroom and 2 in Erin’s bedroom. It can be quite hard to find good storage that fits properly in these spaces and more often that not everything is either a tiny bit too big or way too small. Then, there is the additional issue of all of that wasted space above any furniture. By having built in wardrobes or cupboards you can save so much space and also make the most of awkward areas.

Use the walls

All too often we forget about how much space we have on the walls in our home. I personally love a nice gallery wall or some prints but there are plenty of other things you can do.

Shelves are an easy way to make use of your space and it can mean keeping furniture off the floor. Instead of a bookcase why not try box shelves or make a large shelf feature on a spare wall. Instead of wasting all that space this could give you a lovely space for your books, ornaments or prints and you can change it up whenever you feel like it.

Bed storage

There are so many options when it comes to choosing the perfect bed for your bedroom. While a beautiful bed frame might seem like a good idea at the time it might not be the most practical choice. All of that space underneath can be wasted and also collect dust and dirt. Instead, a divan bed with storage, like the The Sleep Station king size divan bed could help to give you extra storage without taking up any extra space.

Backs of doors

Whoever said that you can’t use the backs of your doors in more interesting ways? While a basic hook can be great for things like dressing gowns there is a lot more than can be done with the space. With the addition of rails, pegs, mirrors and even more hooks you could end up with an incredible area to keep things like jewellery, shoes or things like ties! Using the back of the door to it’s full potential is a really clever way to use the space and you could end up with loads more room in drawers or your wardrobe!

Do you have any great hacks to save space in your bedroom?

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