Brio Farm Railway Set Review

AD | Gifted item Since starting nursery at age 2 Erin very quickly developed a love for train sets. Her teachers would tell me all of the time that she played with the trains on most days so last Christmas we made sure we got Erin some of her own. Recently we were sent the Brio Farm Railway Set to try out! What’s in the box: The Brio Farm Railway Set comes with: 8x Curved Tracks, 1x Barn, 1x Engine, 1x Wagon, 1x Tractor, 1x Trailer, 1x Farm Level Crossing, 2x Fences, 1x Cow, 1x Hay

BRIO Play & Learn Musical Caterpillar Review

We are very lucky that we have quite a lot of toys for Erin to play with but she can get bored of them quite quickly. We’re always looking for new and interesting things for her to play with, and also to help her learn. BRIO is one of our favourite brands for toys and we were recently sent the BRIO Play & Learn Musical Caterpillar for Erin to try. I have never seen a toy like this before so I was really excited to play with it for the first time with Erin. Before you can starting

BRIO My First Railway Battery Operated Train Set Review

Erin has had a bit of a love for trains for quite some time now. As we are a family who don’t drive, we rely on the train to get us around quite often and Erin absolutely loves a train journey, even if it is only for a couple of stops. Her love of trains isn’t just for the real ones though as she loves to play with toy sets as well. I couldn’t say yes quick enough when we were offered the opportunity to review the BRIO My First Railway Battery Operated Train Set. This set

BRIO Classic Train Review

Erin has now been going to nursery for nearly half a year and since she started, she has come home liking all different ways of playing and different kinds of toys. She is so interested in how things work and pulling things apart and putting them back together again. Nursery, along with Thomas the Tank Engine and regular family trips has sparked Erin’s interest in trains. She loves to go on them and loves to look out for them when she knows we’re near the train station so what better than a toy train from

BRIO Classic Figure 8 Review

One of Erin’s favourite toys is her BRIO wooden pram. She loved it from the minute she got it and plays with it every single day. So, when we had the opportunity to try the BRIO Classic Figure 8 set we jumped at the chance. Erin has a massive love for trains and knows as soon as we get near the train station where we are going. In the box you get: 14 pieces of train track 3 trees 1 train station 1 bridge 3 pieces of train The set is really easy to put together