How To Entertain Kids While Working At Home

AD | Collaborative post Kids are often a buzz of activities, always eager to have fun and get enough playtime. While that’s usually a beautiful thing to see, there are times when you’re working at home, or you have a pile of emails to reply to. And frankly, there are no suitable jobs for moms that wouldn’t require some time away from their kids.  This doesn’t mean you have to resort to killing their fun or locking them away in a room. Creative activities require little or no parental involvement, giving you enough time to

The Benefits of Journaling for Children

AD | Collaborative post Journaling is something a lot of us do even as adults. To show your child how they can manage their emotions, their expectations and their understanding of the world, you should push them to write regularly in their journal. Having a diary for your child to write in regularly will give your child a range of benefits that will help their own personal development and increase their English language knowledge and skills.

Returning to work after becoming a parent

AD | Collaborative post Before we become parents something we might not consider is that our current career just won’t work for us any more. It’s so hard to prepare for the reality of a first child and what that will mean for you, your family and your finances. If you find yourself needing a change when you decide to go back to when then consider these career options.

Coping strategies when things feel too much as a parent

We are sold on the idea that being a parent is the best thing in the world, and of course, it is. We love our children. But one thing that isn’t talked about as much is feeling stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed when parenting. After all, it is a lot of responsibility, right?

4 ways to stay calm during a toddler meltdown

When your baby becomes a toddler, you really start to notice some of the milestones they hit as they develop into a little person. Walking, babbling, and trying to communicate, as well as starting to show their personalities. However, as a toddler is still learning about who they are and their environment, one of the tricky things to handle as a parent is a toddler meltdown.

How to raise a good team player

AD | Collaborative post Making a good team player is a crucial part of all children’s development, especially when a lot of their time in school relies on working in teams to complete tasks and building projects in lesson time. Extracurricular activities also rely heavily on working together as a team in order to reach overarching goals.

First time parent? Four ways you can prepare that you have control over

With a wonderful daughter, I can wholeheartedly admit that life changes when you become a parent. But the first time around, it can certainly be an emotional and overwhelming journey to embark on. You have no clue what to expect and how you are going to handle things, and often the best advice is just to take each day as it comes and follow that maternal instinct.

The benefits of holiday camps for kids

AD | Collaborative post A holiday camp can help your child to create memories that last a lifetime, give them the opportunity to make new friends, build social skills and find hidden talents. Thinking about whether or not you should enrol your child in a holiday camp over the school break? Here are the benefits of holiday camps for kids, put together by a kids camp in London.