The Overwhelm Of Planning A Disney Holiday

Back in February we decided to start planning a trip to Disneyland Paris for August 2021. Looking back, had we known about COVID-19 and what was going to happen, I probably would have put off booking. However, we can’t go back now but I wanted to write about our experience. At the time I thought it would be easy to pick when we wanted to go and where we wanted to stay. I should have known better really. It wasn’t that easy at all! To start with, there are so many options for hotels. The official Disney hotels are close

Husband I Love You, But You Drive Me Mad

When John and I first got together I lived in Nottingham while he lived in Norfolk. Aside from the summer I lived with him, we pretty much had a long distance relationship until I graduated. For the first year or so we lived in a really small two bedroom flat. Without that spare room I think I would have killed him. We needed that spare bedroom so that we could have our own space if we needed it (and we did). When we purchased our house we made sure we would have more than enough space. In fact, we bought

Experiments With Water Tuff Tray

Post contains affiliate links (marked with *) When we first got the Tuff Tray* I didn’t really know what to do with it. Honestly, I think I was a bit overwhelmed by seeing all of these Instagram perfect trays. I am really not all that creative and I also didn’t want to spend loads of money on really cool and interesting accessories. So, recently I put together a really easy Tuff Tray for Erin based on her favourite subject; Science! What you’ll need: Empty plastic bottles Food colouring Water Science equipment (such as beakers, test tubes etc.) Spoons Any additional

Learning Resources Steggy The Fine Motor Dino Review

AD | Gifted item Children spending more and more time at home recently and we don’t really know when everyone will be back at schools. I think we are all doing our best when it comes to homeschooling but without being a teacher, it can be hard to know what children might enjoy and what they will learn the best from. Learning Resources luckily have so many different fun ways for children to learn and one of them is Steggy The Fine Motor Dino.  Steggy is a super cute dinosaur that is aimed at children from age 18 months. Of course,

Win £100 To Spend At The Watch Strap Co

AD | The Watch Strap Co are providing the prize for this giveaway I think we will all agree that Covid 19 has taken over all of our lives, and completely changed how we do things from day to day. However, since this first started we have seen some wonderful things happen, especially with the support of small businesses, and key workers such as those who work in the NHS. However, we all know that the NHS is always under pressure and there are loads of The Watch Strap Co got in touch with me recently to tell me about

Celebrating Hover Week With Flymo

AD | Gifted item Over the past couple of months while we have been spending a lot more time at home our garden has been a real special place for us. Without it, we would definitely not be doing as well as we are right now. Living in a small town means that we don’t have many options for long walks or places to explore and it can really feel like we are stuck at home sometimes. I know how lucky we are to have a great outdoor space to call our own but sometimes it isn’t the easiest to

Frozen Flowers Sensory Ice Play

AD | Post contains affiliate links (marked with *) I’m honestly not one of those really parents who can come up with really interesting and creative things to do with Erin unless it’s a print out of some kind, a toy that already exists or card/ board games. It’s just not me. However, recently we have been spending a lot of time in the garden and I wanted to do something a bit different with Erin so I decided to try to use the Tuff Tray* a bit more. Something we haven’t done a lot of with Erin is playing

ContentCal For Social Media Management

AD | Collaborative post Now, more than ever, do I need to manage my time well. On a normal week before lock down happened I would usually work while Erin was at nursery and then maybe a couple of hours on the evening and weekends. Now though, I am lucky if I get a couple of hours in each day and that means that I need to be a lot more careful when it comes to managing my time. As a full time blogger there are lots of things that I usually need to do on a daily basis; writing