Celebrating Valentine’s Day As A Family

Up until recently John and I have never been in a situation where we could go out together on our own without Erin. We don’t speak to the majority of John’s family and my family don’t live near us at all. Fortunately, my sister is living with us at the moment so we have had a bit more opportunity to have some time to ourselves. However, Valentine’s Day is not a thing for a husband and wife alone in our house but it’s a family affair. If you’re quite similar to us then there are plenty of ways that you

5 Favourite Films To Watch This Valentine’s Day

Now, if you’re spending Valentine’s Day with a loved one this year then a great way to do this is to curl up and watch a movie together. Traditionally these should be romantic films but they don’t really have to be if you don’t want them to be. I’m sure me and John have watched horror films in past years. Still, with romance in the air, here are 5 of my favourite films to watch this Valentine’s Day. Pretty Woman I think this was probably one of the first real films that I remember watching. It was certainly the first

You Know Christmas Is Coming When…

Christmas may be on the same date every year but somehow, it seems to come sooner each year as well. I remember when shops wouldn’t dare to have Christmas cards and wrapping paper before December. I remember when it might as well have been a crime to play Christmas music before 1st December. Does anyone else remember this? This year I saw Christmas cards in shops at the end of October! We hadn’t even gotten Halloween out of the way yet. It used to be that you knew Christmas was on it’s way when the Coca Cola advert came on

3 Classic Kids Movies That Can Change Your Child’s Life

There are a virtually endless amount of brilliant and not-so-brilliant children’s movies that have been made over the years. Some, we probably have very fond memories of, and others we flat-out hate. There are some movies, however, which have the power to stick with us throughout our lives in the lessons they teach us. It’s those movies that you want to make sure your child sees. Here are three classic kids movies with life-changing messages that you should show to your child immediately if you haven’t already. The Neverending Story The Neverending Story tells the tale of a young hero,

What We’ve Been Watching: September

Welcome to What We’ve Been Watching! Here I talk about anything on TV, Netflix or films that we have been watching for the past month! Once again, September has been a really busy month. John has been away for work, we went to London for a few days and I also went to Manchester for Blog On! John also managed to break his wrist and we’ve both been exhausted. Some nights I haven’t had the TV on and instead sat at my desk trying to get on with some work. Great British Bake Off This month the GBBO came back

Confessions Of An Emotional Wreck

I always used to make fun of my mum for crying at the silliest things. I used to think it was really funny and I didn’t understand at all why she cried at things I didn’t really think were sad. However, having a baby changes you and it completely fucks up your hormones. Here are the confessions of an emotional wreck: It all started when I was pregnant. The hormones hit me quite quickly and I soon found myself getting emotional about nothing. In fact, the day I found out I was pregnant I had the mother of all arguments

What We’ve Been Watching: August

Welcome to What We’ve Been Watching! Here I talk about anything on TV, Netflix or films that we have been watching for the past month! August has been a bit of a strange month really for television. We have had such a busy month as a family and have had loads of people to stay so we haven’t been watching television as much as we normally would. Chappie My sister has been over to stay quite a lot recently and we have a bit of a thing about what we watch. Nearly every time she stays she makes me watch

New Year, New You: Films That Will Beat The January Blues!

Last year I think I spent far too much time being serious and probably a bit gloomy. I know that a lot of that was due to Erin’s birth and the complications that went with it. However, this year I am determined to let go of that feeling and the saying New Year, New You is what I want to stick to. In order to do this, I want to lighten up a bit more and watch more fun films. My guilty pleasure really is musicals. I have quite a nice collection but I recently realised that there are quite a few