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Family Snacking With MadeGood’s Granola Bars

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We’re in the middle of the summer holidays and Erin is doing a really good job of trying to eat us out of house and home. Before she broke up from nursery for the summer I think I forgot just how much she can eat when she’s home for the day. At nursery she has two set snack times and a packed lunch that I send her with so I know that she’s having a balanced diet during the day. Now, when routine seems to have gone out of the window it’s becoming harder and harder to find a good range of healthy snacks for both me and Erin without it being the same thing all of the time.

John and Erin eating MadeGood's granola bars

We were recently introduced to a new product launched recently here in the UK that fit the description of what we were looking for in a healthy snack. MadeGood’s granola bars are now available to buy in Asda, come in three different flavours and in boxes of 6.

Erin eating MadeGood's granola bars

As a non-driving family we tend to end up taking a lot with us on a day out. I always make sure that I pack either a lunch for us all or at the very least, a bag of snacks that we can all enjoy. I really like that MadeGood’s granola bars come in individual packets so we can all choose which we want easily and also, so there’s no mess in whatever bag we’re using on that particular day out.

Erin eating MadeGood's granola bars

Erin can be quite picky about her snacks at times and knows what she does and doesn’t like. I decided to take our new bars out with us on a family day out in the woods as I figured an exciting picnic would be a great time to see if Erin wanted to try them. As soon as I got the boxes of granola bars out of the bag Erin immediately wanted to know what they were, what flavour they were and most importantly, if she could have one.

Erin eating MadeGood's granola bars

It didn’t take long for Erin to rip her way into one of the ‘Chocolate Chip’ granola bars. She took a little bit of time to look at the bar as it’s not something she’s ever had before. I definitely think that the chocolate chips helped Erin to try the bar as it was something she recognised. Being quite a picky eater can mean even trying something new is a big deal and Erin really gave these a good go.

Erin eating MadeGood's granola bars

Being completely honest, the bars are a bit too big for Erin. She struggled to bite into them and I think it was just a bit much in general for her. She did, however, really enjoy picking different bits out of the bar and eating it that way. I think the best way for Erin to eat the granola bars is to cut them up into smaller squares so they don’t seem too much for her.

John and Erin eating MadeGood's granola bars

Someone who didn’t have any issues whatsoever with eating MadeGood’s granola bars was John. He tried the ‘Chocolate Banana’ bar first and liked it instantly. In fact, he liked it so much that he asked to try one of the other flavours straight away. On a regular day, John could cycle 10 miles each way to work and he needs snacks to keep his energy up. These bars are small and light enough to put in his backpack and they’re also full of nutritional and healthy ingredients!

MadeGood's granola bars

The great thing about MadeGood’s granola bars is that they are allergen free so safe for school lunch boxes. These bars are made in a facility that is free from the most common allergens which are peanut, tree nut, soy, dairy, egg, fish, shellfish, gluten, and sesame. Quite a lot of schools and nurseries now have quite strict rules on what can and can’t be taken in lunch boxes to ensure all children are safe so it’s great to have a product that is safe for everyone but also healthy and nutritious at the same time.

Although Erin is still getting used to the taste and texture of a granola bar, I think they’re a great snack to keep in the house, as well as them being something I can pack in her lunchbox when the new school year comes around in September. MadeGood’s granola bars are snacks suitable for the whole family and for a range of occasions!

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Family Snacking With MadeGood's Granola Bars

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  1. We are always looking for new snack ideas for Piglet – kids get bored so easily don’t they! Will have a look out for these, I think we’d both like them

  2. We can never have enough snacks in the house when our grandsons are off school. I love granola bars so I’ll give these a try.

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