The Girl Who Wouldn’t Eat

Erin used to be such a good eater. While we were in the weaning stages I made sure I got her to try all different kinds of foods and cooked up loads of different meals for her. I meal planned religiously, although that sort of doesn’t really work for her anymore. I am such a fussy eater myself and I never wanted Erin to be the same, which is why I put so much effort and thought into what she eats. Sometimes, certain things have gotten in the way of how well Erin has eaten. Teething has been our biggest

Things I Never Thought I’d Teach My Child

I think when you find out that you’re going to be a parent for the first time you have all of these ideals in your head. I know when I found out I was pregnant with Erin I thought about all the different things I thought I could teach her as she grew up. I thought that I would teach her that books are magical and that travelling the world to discover new places is such an exciting and important thing to do. However, it turns out that both me and John have ended up teaching her a whole load

5 Reasons Why Erin Will Always Be Super To Me! (& Giveaway)

Our post a couple of days ago was all about rainy day activities for toddlers and one of the the items we featured were Hallmark’s Itty Bitty’s. Well, today we have some more to tell you about but in a very different way! Itty Bitty’s have a brand new Super Girl range out comprising of Super Girl, Wonder Woman, Bat Girl and Harley Quinn. (Be sure to enter the giveaway at the end of the post) Hallmark are celebrating the heroines out there and they asked me to write about what makes us super. Well, today I thought I’d talk

Erin’s Transition From Cot To Toddler Bed

Not too long ago I wrote a post full of helpful tips about helping a child to transition from cot to toddler bed. Erin has now made that move herself and did so quite easily. Here’s what we did: We bought Erin’s bed a long time before we actually needed it. I think we bought it at the beginning of the year when Erin had only just turned 1. I knew she wasn’t ready to move over into the bed at this point but I really wanted her to get used to what it was and why it was in

The 18 Month Sleep Regression

Like probably a lot of baby and toddlers, Erin has had her ups and downs when it comes to sleeping. When she was about a year old we went through a phase of her just not wanting to sleep at all. However, as soon as I started putting her down for naps alone and letting her get to sleep on her own, we were doing really well. Erin was doing so well that we even moved her from cot to toddler bed (full post to come soon). Unfortunately, the 18 Month Sleep Regression seems to have hit us (Erin is 19

Boots Mini Club Summer Clothes Review

As you can tell from yesterday’s post, I love getting new clothes for Erin. I love for her to have a really good choice and because of when she was born, she needs different clothes for different seasons in the same size. One of our favourite brands is Boots Mini Club. We have had some wonderful bits from them in the past so I couldn’t wait to get Erin in some of their summer clothes. The pack of two playsuits were £10 and I think well priced, considering you get two. I chose this set because of the bright watermelon

Love Millie: Customisable Clothes Review

I love getting new clothes for Erin. Her wardrobe is overflowing and she has way better clothes than both me and John. Recently the opportunity arose for us to try out a couple of products from Love Millie, who specialises in customisable clothes for children. With Erin being 18 months old we ordered from the ‘Baby Clothes’ which run from birth to 24 months old. Children’s clothes go from 3 to 13 years. While there are loads of options for sizes, I feel that there could be more. I ordered Erin’s clothes in 12-24 months and there is a very

Erin’s 1st Cinema Trip

A couple of weekends ago John and I took Erin on her very first cinema trip. I’d never planned on taking her to the cinema at 18 months old. I think in my head I had thought about it being when Erin was 3 or 4, or something like that. However, when I found out that Paw Patrol would be shown at Vue cinemas, I knew we had to take her. Paw Patrol is Erin’s favourite after all. When we got to the cinema Erin had no idea where we were or what was going on. When we got her