An Introduction To Magformers

AD | Includes affiliate links marked with * Before Erin went back to nursery and we were spending a lot of time at home we struggled to keep Erin occupied and happy some of the time. Homeschooling wasn’t really for us, not in the traditional sense, so we looked for other ways to get Erin to think about different things. Something I had been thinking about buying for a while was a Magformers* set but was somewhat put off by the price. Thanks to Donna at What The Red Head Said I found the Magformers My First 32 Piece Set

Learning Resources Steggy The Fine Motor Dino Review

AD | Gifted item Children spending more and more time at home recently and we don’t really know when everyone will be back at schools. I think we are all doing our best when it comes to homeschooling but without being a teacher, it can be hard to know what children might enjoy and what they will learn the best from. Learning Resources luckily have so many different fun ways for children to learn and one of them is Steggy The Fine Motor Dino.  Steggy is a super cute dinosaur that is aimed at children from age 18 months. Of course,

Win A Rubik’s 3×3 Cube

Are we on week 8 or 9 now of being on lock down? I’ve honestly lost track of the days and weeks but I know it feels like forever some times. We have been very lucky that we have been keeping busy with loads of board games, such as the bundle we received from John Adams. It can be hard though to keep buying new toys and games to keep yourself and the kids occupied and happy so today I wanted to bring you a fun giveaway. To help keep you busy during these tough times we’re giving away a

BABY Born Little Sister Mermaid Review

AD | Contains gifted items and affiliate links (marked with *) One of Erin’s favourite things to play with is her dolls, and she is super lucky to have both a BABY born brother and sister as well as the BABY born soft touch doll. She can spend hours and hours playing with them, making up different situations for them and looking after them. Adding a new addition to her BABY born family Erin recently received the BABY Born Little Sister Mermaid* The BABY Born Little Sister Mermaid comes with the mermaid doll, comb and a tiara. The mermaid has some

Family Fun From Spin Master

AD | Post contains gifted items and affiliate links (marked with *) Spending more time at home at the minute means that we are doing more things as a family. John is working from home so gets a lunch break and is also ‘home’ earlier than he would be if he was at the office. We are also spending loads of time together at the weekends but we can run out of ideas sometimes, especially if we’re stuck inside on a miserable day. Luckily, Spin Master have come to the rescue with a selection of games for the whole family.

Encouraging Education Through Play

AD | Paid collaboration For some time now we have been spending a lot more time at home as a family and we are keen to keep up Erin’s education before she is due to start Reception in September. As none of us are teachers, and really don’t know much about what a 4 year old needs to learn, we turn to online resources and shops to help us out. This is also a great time for family members to order gifts online, when they might not be able to see someone in person. The thing about education is that

Animal Rescue With Scruff-a-Luvs

AD | Post contains gifted items and affiliate links (marked with *) After thinking about it for a very long time we finally decided that it was time to get a new pet. We adopted a rescue kitten and named her Jinx. Since then, we have spoken to Erin about why it’s important to think about rescue animals who would otherwise not have a home. Sometimes it can be hard for children to understand things like this but with Scruff-a-Luvs, they can learn to look after a rescued animal themselves. Scruff-a-Luvs Jungle Something to remember when it comes to animals

Backseat Games Tripack Review

AD | Gifted Erin doesn’t always have the best concentration and usually doesn’t want to sit down to play long, complicated games with us. This is even worse at the minute thanks to being stuck in the house a lot and not being able to go out and have adventures. We’ve been looking for smaller activities to do with Erin and we were recently sent a Backseat Games Tripack which includes Suitcase, Plates and Sounds. As we don’t drive, and couldn’t really go anywhere at the minute anyway, we can’t play one of the games so I won’t be writing