How garden offices can help you make the most of summer

Over the last 6 or 7 weeks I have been making some changes around the house. During this time I made an area of the living room/ dining room into my very own office. It’s not quite finished yet but I’m getting there. The problem though, is that it is the middle of summer and my office looks out into the garden. I want to be out, enjoying the beautiful weather and feeling the warmth of the sun (when that actually happens). We are lucky that we have a pretty big garden. Something else that is not entirely finished. We

Countdown to Sterilisation

Back in March I went to the doctor’s to talk about sterilisation. The doctor I saw was very against me having it done but I put my determined foot down and made her refer me to the hospital. Fast forward 3 months to now and I finally have a letter from the hospital. During my initial appointment the doctor told me over and over again that I needed to be 100% sure that I wanted the procedure. I explained my reasons, and that I was sure, and she still didn’t want me to have it done. However, she told me

7 Natural Ways to Improve Your Garden’s Appearance

Time to give your garden a shakeup; is it in need of a makeover?  We all like to have a change every so often, and it not only applies to ourselves, our home, but why not our garden? Here are seven ideas that you may like to consider from Rattan Direct, furniture specialists designed to bring a garden to life and make it liveable all year round. FIRST GLANCE When you look out of your backroom windows what do you see? Does it appeal, match up to the quality and finish of your interior home decorations, or does it let

Terrorism won’t stop me!

In such a short space of time this country was subject to two terrible acts of terrorism. I was in Manchester the day of the Arianna Grande concert but left in the afternoon. My friend that I saw the day before lives across the road from the arena where the concert was. My sister and her fiancé live in London. A lot of John’s family live in London. All of us could have been put in these awful situations because of the chance that we were in one place on a particular day. However, terrorism won’t stop me from enjoying my

Brighten up your desk this summer with FROOT by Mustard

Although I don’t work in a proper office, I do have my own office area at home. I have a big white desk and it’s very plain and boring. With the weather being so incredibly nice lately, I wanted my desk to reflect my mood. The people at Mustard really helped me out with this by sending products from their FROOT range. When the sun is shining and it’s warm, or boiling hot as the last week or so has been, what better than to have office products just as bright! I love notebooks, as recently explained in my Blog

Exciting News From Johnson’s

Sometimes I get an email in my inbox that really makes me happy. Just recently, an email titled ‘Exciting News From Johnson’s’ came in. Johnson’s got in touch to tell me about an update regarding their Alliance Partnership with the Royal College of Midwives. Certain JOHNSON’S® products now have a ‘Supported by RCM’ logo on pack. The RCM believes that the research and science behind the JOHNSON’S® products which have the RCM logo is strong and evidence-based, although the RCM does not endorse any specific products or brands. As a parent, it’s really hard to chose which products to use. This doesn’t only

9 Tips for Negotiating a Better Sky Package

Just the other day I was checking some of our bills and one that caught my eye was the Sky bill; it was more expensive than I remembered it being. After a quick check on our online account, I realised that our current deal was over and it was time to renegotiate. We have managed to okay deals in the past but nothing amazing. I had heard of certain packages and prices that other people had and they were A LOT better than ours. So, I took to Facebook to ask some other bloggers to share 9 tips for negotiating

Blog Wish List

Last week I wrote about my 5 blog must haves but I thought today, I’d write about my blog wish list.   Pipdig theme At the moment I’m using a free WordPress theme for the blog. It’s okay but it isn’t pretty and beautiful and everything else I want this site to be. Pipdig have some really stunning themes which make everything look a lot more professional. I have recently changed themes on WordPress and while my site does look better, it’s still not what I want. I want something I can customise more and get exactly how I want