Saying goodbye to bottles

As I had a pretty rough time after Erin’s birth we had to make the choice to bottle feed her quite early on. It wasn’t something I had wanted to do initially but you do what you have to do and it was really the best choice for Erin in the end. Erin has always loved her bottles and up until recently, would still have a full bottle of milk before naps and bedtime. However, with her turning two recently I decided it was time to say goodbye to bottles. To be completely honest this

Appy Kids Co Drink Review

AD | Gifted items Erin is a massive Paw Patrol fan so when we got asked to review a range of drinks from Appy Kids Co, I couldn’t resist. If you haven’t heard of Appy Kids Co before, they’re on a mission to offer both healthy and affordable drinks for children and they’re using well-known characters to help do that. Not only did we receive 2 boxes of the Paw Patrol 200ml Pouch Orange Juice Drink and 2 boxes of the Paw Patrol 200ml Pouch Apple Juice Drink but also the Dora and Friends Mixed Berries Juice Drink and

The Importance Of Family Meals

Just recently Erin has been an absolute nightmare with food. She has been going through a horrible phase where she just would not eat. If that wasn’t bad enough, we’ve also had the 18 month sleep regression too! Generally, apart from a few short phases before now, she’s always been a pretty good eater. I always thought it was teething that caused this kind of thing but apparently being a toddler causes it! The not eating thing had been going on for about 2 weeks and during a visit from my sister meant us changing

Googly Fruit Organic Snacks For Kids & Giveaway

I absolutely love finding new food brands for Erin. We’re always on the look out for healthy snacks for her so when Googly Fruit got in touch to tell us about their range, I was excited! Sometimes I think it’s really hard to find snack for toddlers that aren’t full of bad sugar, aren’t fried or basically, aren’t bad for them. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with Erin having crisps or chocolate now and again but I like to make healthy choices where I can. Googly Fruit offers three different products;

Little Dish: Proper Food For Kids

Erin has been going through a bit of a strange phase recently when it comes to food. She has not wanted to eat nearly as much as normal and she has been super picky with what she does eat. With that in mind, I’ve been on the look out for food to try her with that is delicious but also healthy at the same time. Phases with eating can quickly lead to unhealthy options and I don’t want to do that. I recently discovered Little Dish at Bubble London and we’ve been lucky enough to try

16 Ways To Get Kids To Eat Healthy

I have mentioned on social media a few times lately that Erin has become somewhat of a fussy eater. Well, it’s more that she’s going through something where she doesn’t really want to eat. When we had an email drop in our inbox with some great tips for helping kids to eat healthily from Families Online, I knew that we had to share it! We’ll be trying some of this tips ourselves over the next few weeks. I think some of the tips are quite simple but as a first time parent and someone that

Mediterranean Inspired Cooking with Piccolo

Last month we were invited to an event in King’s Lynn run by baby/ toddler food company Piccolo. Unfortunately we were unable to make it due to being in London which was a real shame. If you haven’t heard of Piccolo before, they offer Mediterranean inspired food suitable for babies from 6 months old! During the event, in-house nutritionist Alice Fotheringham shared loads of tips for making meal times nutritious while still being fun at the same time. I am absolutely gutted that I missed this. Erin is going through a bit of a fussy

Bibetta Children’s Placemat with Pocket

Erin is a bit of a messy eater. We don’t use a high chair anymore and we quite often end up with food all over the dining table. We’ve recently been trying out the Bibetta Children’s Placemat with Pocket. We have tried various other suction type mats before now, some of which stuck and some of which didn’t. The Bibetta placemat was a bit different so I was looking forward to seeing how Erin got on with this one. The Bibetta placemat features a black, non-slip backing which is designed to keep it in place.