My Work From Home Routine

Erin has been going to nursery for nearly a month now so it’s given me a few weeks to get used to her not being around for a couple of days a week. From February, she will be going Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:45 to 3:30. While I do still feel a bit lost without her, having spent near enough every single day of the past two years with her, it’s amazing how quickly you get used to it and get into a new routine.

This year I joined the gym so on a Wednesday and Friday mornings I go straight there after dropping Erin off. Walking there with an empty pushchair with a heavy gym bag isn’t ideal but it seems silly to go back home again just to drop the pushchair off. There’s loads of room at the gym in the changing room to keep the pushchair so that isn’t a problem at all. I generally do about a 45 minute workout between the treadmill and the exercise bikes and then have a lovely hot shower there afterwards. The walk home takes about 15 minutes so I’m normally home by roughly 10:30.

Work from home routine

I’m always starving after the gym so I get myself something to eat as soon as I get home. Depending on how I’m feeling from the gym I might try to nap after some food but this hasn’t gone too well recently. I think I’m still getting used to Erin being at nursery and when I try to nap I’m always thinking about whether or not the phone will ring or I’ll get a text for nursery or something. I’m always shattered after the gym so being able to nap for an hour or so would be lovely. Regardless of sleeping or not, from about 12pm I start work.

This only works on a Wednesday and Friday but on a Thursday it’s my full work from home day. I don’t go to the gym on a Thursday so after getting home from dropping Erin off I have a lovely, relaxing hot bath. It’s nice to not have to think about Erin maybe waking up in the middle of it or something happening so I have at least 30 minutes to completely relax then get myself ready for the day. I always have a to-do list for the day ahead for things I need to get done for work. I’m also working on a weekly cleaning routine so that this is a bit more structured and so I don’t just sit at a computer all day long.

Work from home routine

Right now, I don’t do much other than work or catch up on things around the house. I want to use this time the best I can at the moment, especially seeing as John is at work anyway. Once I get myself ahead a bit I will try to take some more time off for myself on a Thursday, even if it’s just to watch a couple of episodes of something or read a couple of chapters of a book.

If you work from home do you have a routine or do you wing it each day? Let me know in the comments! 

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