Dealing With A Daredevil Toddler

Erin was born premature at 36+4 and even though she was a tiny 4lb 8oz, I don’t think I ever really thought too much about how small and fragile she really was. I look back at pictures of Erin as a newborn now and I think she can’t really have ever been that small. Of course, she was though. While I am so protective over Erin in certain circumstances but I have always encouraged her to be independent and strong willed. She is nearly 2 and the most strong willed little girl I have ever known.

The Importance Of Handwriting

One thing I remember so clearly about being in primary school was learning to write. I remember those worksheets where you had to trace the letters with your pencil and then copy yourself on the line underneath. I remember doing those over and over again for hours but I like to think that I have quite nice handwriting. I’m the one who writes the birthday and Christmas cards because I’m always telling my husband he has horrible man writing. I don’t actually think that’s a thing but my handwriting is definitely neater. Erin will be

Orange and Cranberry Christmas Cakes For Children

AD | Paid collaboration Christmas is only a couple of weeks away and this year, we’re having my family to stay for the first time and we’ll have a house full from 23rd to 27th December. I’ve really begun to think about what kind of food I’ll be serving over the week and obviously, I have to keep Erin in mind for this as well. I’m not a big fan of a traditional Christmas cake or Christmas pudding and Erin won’t be eating these either. Something I always pair with Christmas is orange and cranberry

Can A Marriage Survive Without Sex?

It’s no secret that my relationship with John has changed quite a lot since we had Erin. I have spoken about Erin’s horrendous birth and the trouble that came afterwards. I have spoken about the lack of support and having no one around to help in those early days as all of my family live away. I have also spoken about my desperate need to be sterilised and how the NHS has failed me in this desire. All of these things have changed both me and my relationship with John. Erin is now 21 months

Help Your Kids Embrace Their Green Thumbs!

Gardening can be one of the most relaxing, enjoyable, and therapeutic things you can do with your time, but trying to get it done when you also have little ones to worry about can be something of a challenge, putting it lightly! However, there’s one great way that you can make the gardening a little bit easier while keeping your kids occupied and entertained: get them involved! Not only does that allow you to keep a close eye on them while you’re taking care of the garden but you may well be able to awaken

Gassy The Cow Review and Giveaway

Having already seen it advertised on television quite often, I think it’s safe to say that one of the most popular games this year is going to be Gassy the Cow by Drumond Park. The game is suitable for children aged 4 and up and is for 2 to 4 players and comes with a RRP of £24.99. Playing the game Playing Gassy the Cow is super easy and it’s really easy for everyone to understand, which is something I really like about the game. Players take turns on the spinner and whosever’s boots matches the colour

Sterilisation: The Date Is Set

It has been months now since I first went to the doctor to talk about being sterilised. I got told that I would be added to a waiting list but at the time, wasn’t told much more than that. When the letter finally came through from the hospital to let me know I was actually on that waiting list, I didn’t have any hopes that the procedure would be done any time soon. I actually thought I would have a few more appointments at the hospital before anything was done because that is what my